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   "There is a certain quality about winners that time cannot fade it is called excellence." 

Our 2014 Foals have arrived!!!

 A light silver bay or possibly sorrel filly with small strip, 2 hind stockings, 2 short socks on front.  Full sister to 2010 filly Sharrway Hidden Obsession.  She shows the potential at this age to be shown either as a Classic or a Modern Pleasure.

This filly is nominated for both the 2014 Classic and Modern Futurities.  If she follows her other 4 siblings, she will excel in the show ring, and be a money winner in the futurities.  She is for sale, contact us for more information and price.

Sharrway Hidden Secret

Hidden Image FMF x Michigans Dancing Spirit

DOB:   4/5/14
Silver Bay Filly  (possible Sorrel)

 Maternal half sibling to Sharrway Spiced Wine, foaled 4.13.14.. Another outstanding filly by Hidden Image. This filly shows all the potential of following in her sister Spice’s footsteps.  Able to successfully compete in both  halter and performance, when old enough.  If you seriously want to be in the Winner’s Circle with a top contender, then contact us about this little girl. 

This filly is nominated in both the Classic and Modern Futurities for 2014, and is now owned by Sherry Martin of Quitman, AR. Congratulations!
DOB:   4/13/14

Sharrway hidden escapade

Hidden Image FMF X RFP Closer This Time


DOB:   4/14/14

Sharrway once in a blood moon

Hidden Image FMF X AGS Missprint

 Missy presented us with our long awaited filly on 4.14.14.  a full Sister to Sharrway High Voltage aka Stinger. Even as a day old foal she shows the potential for a lot of motion.  

This little jewel may be for sale at a later date, but for now we are enjoying her to the fullest, and watching her potential grow as she does.

DOB:   4/12/14

Sharrway power broker

Hidden Image FMF X Sharrway Hidden Sensation

 A knock out sorrel or silver bay colt, foaled 4/12/14. Full sibling to Sharrway Hidden Expectations.  This Hidden Image son, is correct in every way. Nominated in both Modern and Classic Futurities, showing at 2014 Congress.   If you are looking for a future stallion prospect, that is genetically pre-potent for producing long elegant high set necks, beautiful heads, trainability, motion, great top lines, long hips, and correct conformation overall.  Consider this colt, he is correct whichever angle you choose to look at him and will only get better with age.  I see in him the same thing I saw in his sire as a foal, and is the reason we purchased him.  It was one of the smartest decisions we ever made. This boy shows a lot of motion at this age which should only get better as he matures. We sell very few stallion prospects, (most are gelded before leaving the farm) this is one we would keep and use in the future. If you aren’t looking for a stallion prospect, he would make a top show gelding, ask those that have purchased geldings from us, they are winners in their fields. For more information,  up to date photos or video of this colt, please contact us.  best to call as I work full time and am easiest to get on my cell phone. 

DOB:   4/23/14
Bay Colt

Sharrway Reflections Trendsetter

Reflected Image FMF x Sharrway Abria


     Our second Reflected Image FMF foal for 2014, he looks to be of the Classic type. A beautiful boy.  As he is unfolding I am liking what I see, nice upright neck, pretty small head with small muzzle, (hard to see in the photos of him due to the winter coat he arrived in) great top line, straight legs front and rear, showing the potential to have some motion.

     His dam is a daughter of the late Joe Abb, owned by Larry Parnell, Abbria’s dam was Michigan’s Heart Breaker.  Classic bloodlines combining some of the older Shetland lines.  This boy should fulfill his pedigree potential  which ever task is chosen for him.  Futurity nominated in Classic and Modern.

     We are planning on showing him at Congress, if he is purchased, he can be picked up there.   He is now owned by Diane Teague, Montgomery, TX.  Congratulations!!

DOB:   5/04/14
Bay Colt  -  Double Registered

Sharrway High Octane

Reflected Image FMF x Adjoining Acres BJ


 We are more than thrilled with this colt out of BJ! Foaled May 4th 2014.   He is a clone to his half-sister out of Pandora MGS, same stocking on the rear legs, with short socks on the front, with a small star. Very upright colt, with a small wedge shaped head, and huge big eye which doesn’t show in the photos, but will as he unfolds and we get more and better photos of him…This colt is Double Registered, our first!  This cross is everything we hoped it would be. This will be repeated for 2015. If you are looking for a double registered colt, check this boy out! He should remain small enough and be able to compete in the AMHR colt classes…Purchase him now and win your money back this year at AMHR Nationals…He is also nominated in the Shetland Classic Futurity.  We are unsure if he will be ready to wean for Congress in July, time will tell.  If you are looking to compete at the top, this colt can put you there!   

DOB:   5/16/14
Bay Colt

Sharrway beneficial assets

Reflected Image FMF x Sharrway Hidden Assets

The accolades are many for this colt, if you are looking for a pony to show and love, he will fill the bill and then some.  Check him out under foals on, as well as other new arrivals and those offered for sale on our new revamped website
Many, many great ponies in colts pedigree, and he exhibits the same great  conformation with refinement as his siblings.  Once again  we see a great future for this little guy, who may stay small enough to hardship into AMHR as a 3 year old. Contact us through our web site, or call 580-276-1122. All photos were taken at 2 days old.

Sharrway exotic reflection

Reflected Image FMF X Pandora MGS

 This little silver bay filly with 4 low socks and a small star is stunning.  She is spectacular in her movement, with lots of motion for one so small, taking after her dam she could be a contender in the driving classes. She  will most likely stay small enough to hardship AMHR.  If looking for something to compete in the under 38” Shetland classes, she should hold her own even up against the larger ponies.  When one says baby doll head…this filly epitomizes that description she will also be a stunning silver bay color making those socks stand out even more…her mane and tail were silver when she was born, and are expected to remain that color. This is the only filly sired by Reflected Image FMF this year…we are breeding Pandora back for 2015, hoping for another baby just like our little Exotic one! 

DOB:   4/15/14
Silver Bay Filly


DOB:   5/20/14
Sorrel Pinto Colt

  We think he will remain a dark cherry red sorrel like his full sister (who is for sale) and his dam.  This colt has one white sock and a teeny tiny off-set star…very up headed with presence and motion to burn..Lots of trot on this baby.  Great  length of neck, beautiful head, deep body, great straight legs, with long hip and level croup and high tail set that doesn’t show in these pictures….  This boy will make a performance pony, and will be pretty enough to halter.  Unfortunately he is born too late to attend Congress this year.  If not sold he will make his presence known in the show ring next year most likely as a gelding.  

Sharrway Spellbinder 

Hidden Image FMF HOF X Spellbound FMF HOF

DOB:   5/18/14
Sorrel Colt

Sharrway hidden imagination

Hidden Image FMF HOF X Summer Breeze

       Another colt, but how can anyone not be blown away by this baby…A full sibling to Sharrway Hot Commodity, and showing the same  conformation and up headedness as Commodity did at this age.  Another flashy pinto… A blending of Spit N Image bloodlines through his sire Hidden Image FMF and Duke of Royal Manor through his Dam Spellbound FMF.  This little beauty is destined for the show ring when old enough.  Born too late to travel to Congress…he will be retained and shown next year.  If he is half as sensible as his full brother, he will be a joy to work with and show.  We can only retain one colt of these bloodlines, and because of his age, it will have to be him.  We think Sharrway Spellbinder fits this little guy to a "T".

We will enjoy watching grow and mature.

6th in Modern/Modern Pleasure Futurity Foal of Current Year Stallion
Priced for immediate sale to show homes, and as geldings.  Contact us for further details…
Priced for immediate sale to show homes, and as geldings.  Contact us for further details…

He placed 3rd in Modern / modern pleasure futurity foal of current year.

10th in large class of Classic/Foundation Futurity  Foal of Current year mare
10th is another large class of Classic/Foundation Futurity Foal of Current Year Stallion
 3rd Modern /Modern Pleasure Futurity Foal of Current Year Mare 

Projected Height - 44" to 45"

Projected Height - 42" to 43"

Projected Height - 45" to 46"

Projected Height - 40"

Projected Height - 44" to 45"

Projected Height - 40"

Projected Height - 42" to 43"

Projected Height - 44" to 45"43