Sharrway Farm
   "There is a certain quality about winners that time cannot fade it is called excellence." 

Reflected Image as a yearling
owned by Melinda Doan at the time of photo
When the opportunity became available for us to purchase Reflected Image, from Rob Crater, I jumped at the chance. Reflected Image is a ¾ brother to our senior stallion Hidden Image FMF, and should fit right into our breeding program, continuing to produce animals that will be not only be pretty to look at, but also a joy to own, and be deluxe performance animals. We know what a wonderful producer his Dam, Michigan’s Rock ET has been by receiving  her Triple Superior dam award for her outstanding producing ability. Reflected Image FMF HOF  first foals for us will be arriving the end of March and into April. We selected some of our best mares and smallest mares for him, as he is double registered AMHR also.  We anticipate seeing if our knowledge of our bloodlines and what they produce are correct, by the addition of Reflected Image to our breeding program. That he would be a most welcome addition to our farms Stallion base.    Reflection as he is known here is a joy and pleasure to be around, always a gentleman, eager to please, and always with a sense of humor. More recent photos of Reflected Image after he has shed his winter coat. Photos of his foals will be posted as they arrive. 
Reflected Image drawing

Pencil drawing  by Aprille Thompson 2012

Reflected Image drawing

Pencil drawing  by Aprille Thompson 2014