Sharrway Farm
   "There is a certain quality about winners that time cannot fade it is called excellence." 

sharrway hide n seek

Hidden Image FMF  x  Floridas summer Breeze

Seeker, is a bright red sorrel, nine year old mare that we have been hoping to get into training, however something always comes up, and she gets left by the wayside.  So rather than have her be wasted here it will be best to put her in the hands of someone that will appreciate her value, and ability.  This mare should be a road horse deluxe, there isn’t anything in the pasture that can keep up with her at the trot!  We do have some fast mares, but none can touch her…We have never tried to breed her, as we have been thinking “this is the year Seeker will go to a trainer”  Again circumstances, and so forth have made that impossible.  Check out her pedigree, and see for yourself what a wonderful mare she is bloodline wise.  We hope to have some updated photos of her soon…